I've been involved in design sporadically for a few years now, dipping my feet in the waters every now and then. Patterns interest me a lot - especially the role of randomness in generating visually appealing patterns. The other idea central to my design sense concerns the visualization of complex data. I believe that simplicity has its own place in visualization but a designer must not patronize the reader - they must not circumvent the inevitable complexity merely in order to cater to the hoi polloi. Below is a brief description of projects I've recently worked on. I'd be glad to chat about anything pertaining to design, mine or otherwise. Hit me up!

A-Z of Mental Health Drugs

Created as part of 36 Days of Type 2019, this project intends to make the conversation on mental health more commonplace in our quotidian conversations. Mental illnesses manifest themselves in a variety of forms, each one as unique as the person they affect. Identifying and understanding them is no facile task, and I wish to have this difficulty as the central motif connecting my artworks. Each of the 26 pieces corresponds to an alphabet - while some of them are easy to comprehend, some are more elusive. The illusive nature of these artworks is an allusive reference to the feelings often induced by these drugs. You can check out the project here!

Loss in Translation

A study on the non-invertibility of translation between languages, Loss in Translation analyzes how the top thousand nouns in English are translated to other languages and back. This is interesting because languages do not always have a one-to-one correspondence, meaning that (i) not every word in a given language may have a befitting analog in every other language, and (ii) some words in a language may be translated into multiple equally appropriate words in other languages. This project marks an important milestone in my personal journey as a designer - in fact, I would have been hesitant to call myself a designer before this. You can check out the project here!