At some point in my second year of grad school, I decided that I wanted to walk all the streets in Durham. To come up with such absurdly grandiose plans is not unusual for me - normally, I sober out of it in a few days. However, not having a car meant that I had to walk around a decent amount - as a result, I never really gave up on this plan that lived rent-free in my head, gnawing at me to do something about it. So far, I've probably talked about this with only a few friends, some of whom have had to remind me that Durham is HUGE. Now that we're more than two years past the inception of this idea, I've had to reconsider the scope of this project - the original plan seems too daunting to start so we're going to start small. I plan to walk as much of Durham as I can, covering all the roads around central Durham at the very least.

Another challenge here was recording my progress. There are trackers that track your walks and the whole shebang but I had already walked a lot of streets and the more I walked, the less I felt like using these since it meant that I could not use them for this project. So after a lot of procrastination, I decided to figure out a solution using OpenStreetMaps. I am using uMap (not that UMAP) and gpx.studio to create my paths. I plan to update this with every walk I take, with the hope of using this as a mode of accountability.

Note: The map may look jagged at a zoomed out scale but should look smoother and aligned to roads on zooming in.

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